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Alaomai; Haunted Willow

Alaomai; Haunted Willow

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By: Raphael Lassauze

Alaomai; haunted willow is raphael lassauze’s first chapbook. Through an interconnected series of poems, she charts love and melancholy, mental illness and astronomies of joy through queer scenes and personal endeavours through life as a poor sex worker excited by the world around her. The collages feature her adventures through graveyards, through the marks of lovers, and explorations through research into insomnia, rimbaud, and the landscape of the city she loves so dearly. Over the course of a mere month and a half, lassauze maps out what living in a state of wandering means to her. The ins and outs of trying to live in a sense of disconnect toward the notion of home due to her having no permanent residence at the time of writing.

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