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Salem Avenue

Salem Avenue

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By: Joseph Theis

"Something evil has taken root in this city and it can no longer be ignored. It has festered for some time in the minds of its citizens and finally embedded within our very selves, deep beneath the skin."

The story of the city is one of aspirations, of striving toward an ideal. But the view from the pavement looks much more like an abandoned dream. A place where promises of progress break like brittle bones and cries for social justice sound hollow beside the sight of something real. Concrete is all that keeps the earth from reclaiming those most vulnerable from the streets.

SALEM AVENUE is a collection of horror stories that explores the city as a source of horror, focusing on paranoia, isolation, and urban decay. All of these stories exist within the same universe, seized by a sinister threat from the other side of the stars.

By invoking those more familiar horrors of poverty and homelessness, SALEM AVENUE illuminates the shadows underneath the skyscrapers and reveals the terror therein.

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