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The Big Reveal : An Illustrated Manifesto of Drag

The Big Reveal : An Illustrated Manifesto of Drag

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By: Sasha Velour

From iconic queen Sasha Velour, a thought-provoking manifesto that explores the cultural influence of drag as activism, art, resistance, and identity, illustrated with her original artwork.

Sasha Velour has worn countless iconic wigs in her life (think roses and Whitney). Now, in The Big Reveal, the revered entertainer shows off yet another layer of herself: drag intellectual Professor Velour! In this beautifully illustrated, graphic, entertaining, and informative book (including original drawings, comics, and photography), Sasha illuminates drag as a form of art, expression, and community, with a rich, oft-overlooked history.

In chapters such as “Drag is Activism,” “Drag is Herstory,” “Drag is Art,” “Drag is Queer,” and “Drag is Utopia,” you’ll find revelation after revelation about radical queer expressions throughout time, from Kabuki to the origins of the word “drag” in Polari to contemporary ballroom culture. Sasha also recalls her own journey, from the women who inspired and raised her, to learning how to create and style her costumes out of nothing, to RuPaul, Nightgowns, and beyond.

Weaving history, gender theory, politics, and memoir, The Big Reveal is a chronicle of vital, shared queer pasts. From philosophical insights to practical tips on getting your drag career started, Sasha explores every facet of drag, bringing necessary and sparkling substance to abstract notions of queerness, beauty, expression and liberation!

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