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The Grid: Lesson from the Men of Grindr

The Grid: Lesson from the Men of Grindr

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By: Lex Esq.

The Grid: Lessons from the Men of Grindr is a biographical, infotainment-themed exploration of the impacts that Grindr (a gay dating app) has had on a generation of queer people. 

Author Lex, Esq. is an attorney and LGBTQ+ blogger. In the book, he revisits three of his early Grindr relationships in order to extract lessons and understand how the gay men of dating apps had slowly ruined him. Far from dating tips, The Grid pulls from Lex's personal mistakes to critically examine gay dating themes, including: feeling jaded, mental abuse, loneliness, addiction to apps, competition, unequal effort between partners, instant gratification, internalized shame, coming out, catfishing, sexual guilt, sending nudes, sexual safety and more. The Grid pulls numerous lessons from these themes in an attempt to create a better informed and less soul-crushing gay dating experience.


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