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The Valkyrie’s Shadow

The Valkyrie’s Shadow

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By Tiana Warner

A thrilling Sapphic fantasy based on unique Norse mythology that ups the stakes of adventure, romance, and mystery.

Sigrid defied all odds to earn her place among the valkyries, and now, with Sleipnir as her steed, she has the potential to be a leader—but only if she can harness the dangerous magic coursing through the stallion’s veins.

When Night Elves launch a full-scale invasion on her home world, Sigrid and the valkyries go to war to protect the cosmic balance. But irresistible power pulses through Sigrid whenever she rides Sleipnir, clouding her judgment and putting her and everyone under her command in danger. Sigrid must trust her friends to pull her from the shadows, especially Mariam, whose gentle touch and scorching kisses ground Sigrid as much as they melt her from the inside out.

As turmoil builds in the nine worlds and Sigrid leads the valkyries to war, she must overcome the darkness threatening to change her—or else lose the valkyrie she loves, her friends, and the world she is fighting to protect.

The life Sigrid dreamed of as a valkyrie may have been filled with glorious purpose, but with the realms out of balance, all the future holds is chaos.

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