Author Event with Mary Lynn Reed

A reading, signing, and conversation with Mary Lynn Reed, author of Phantom Advances

Sunday, July 23rd 6:30-8pm at Little District Books

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About the Book

In Mary Lynn Reed's debut short story collection, Phantom Advances, young queer women travel America's back roads, roaming through the South, Midwest, New York, and California, while questions of gender and identity ride shotgun. Peering through bug-stained windshields and the viewfinders of old film cameras, these wanderers find love, heartbreak, and little pieces of themselves wherever the road takes them. Along the way, their origin stories are also revealed. Boyish girls ace math while mucking horse stalls at a nudist summer camp and teenage tomboys pool-shark at the family-owned Game Room. In bowling alleys, factories, college-town bars, and gay discos, the stories in Phantom Advances calculate the risks of love, and contemplate the odds of being seen for who you truly are.

About the Author

Mary Lynn Reed is a fiction writer and mathematician. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maryland and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Illinois. Her fiction has appeared in Fourteen HillsColorado Review, South Dakota Review, Outlook SpringsMississippi Review, Reunion: The Dallas Review, Free State Review, Potomac Review, The MacGuffin,  Smokelong Quarterly, and many other places. Phantom Advances is Mary Lynn's first short story collection.