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Curated Surprise Gift Box

Curated Surprise Gift Box

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Don't Know What to Buy Your Favorite Book Lover? Try our Curated Surprise Book Box!

The Curated Surprise Book Box is simple: 
Step 1: complete the form below.
Step 2: select box size. 
Step 3: add to cart. 
Step 4: checkout. 

About picking the books:
You just give us something to go on and we take care of the rest. 

Examples could include: 
- Romance books written by BIPOC authors. 
- YA fantasy books with witches and trans representation. 
- Poetry about sapphic love. 
- Memoirs and own voices fiction about queer indigenous people.  
The possibilities are endless. 

And if you can't think of a theme, just tell us to surprise you!

About the box itself: 
The box includes a mix of hardcovers and quality paperbacks available in three sizes: 
Gay (2-4 books)
Gayer (3-5 books)
Gayest (4-6 books)
The exact number of books depends on the price of the books selected, but the total price of the books will meet or exceed the cost of the box. 

Note: Curated Surprise Gift Boxes can take up to 5 business days to process if specific books need to be ordered. 

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