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In Running, former NCAA Division I track athlete Lindsey A. Freeman presents the feminist and queer handbook of running that she always wanted but could never find. For Freeman, running is full of joy, desire, and indulgence in the pleasure and weirdness of having a body. It allows for a space of freedom—to move and be moved. Through tender storytelling of a lifetime wearing running shoes, Freeman considers injury and recovery, what it means to run as a visibly queer person, and how the release found in running comes from a desire to touch something that cannot be accessed when still. Running invites us to run through life, legging it out the best we can with heart and style.

"What is beautiful throughout Running is the slow and tender movements through what it means to have a body, and what that body means in all the spaces in which it exists. . . . I hope queer people with an interest, active or passive, in running pick this book up, read through, and consider their own relationships to themselves and to a sport that is so easily made all too simple." — Niko Stratis, Autostraddle

"More poetic than practical, but intensely vivid and personal, Running bounces from pop-culture analysis to academic inquiry, from a catalogue of injuries (including those from a devastating incident in which a vehicle hit her) to an exploration of the elusive 'runner's high.' . . . Running is a worthwhile companion for people who want to be either—or both." — Katie Noah Gibson, Shelf Awareness

"I found Lindsay A. Freedman’s little queer book Running absolutely delightful and surprisingly validating, as I think many queer sportspersons will. In particular, Freedman talks about how running as a sport of individualism and triumph over one’s own fears or limitations has both mirrored and supported her journey in coming out as queer in ways that made me go 'Oh yes, that.'" — S. Bear Bergman, Xtra
“This is not your average handbook on running. It is far more incisive, far more tender, far more uncanny—and reading it will make you rethink what you know about an activity all of us at one time or another have pursued, resisted, witnessed, or even loved. Lindsey A. Freeman shows us that far from a solitary pursuit, running is about connecting to ourselves and each other. From the amateur to the Olympian and from the bodily to the transcendental, there is so much she both celebrates and scrutinizes. And in true handbook fashion, Hazel Meyer’s delightful, ludic illustrations provide the perfect running companion.” — Mark Yakich, author of Football

"You can fill a small library with books on running, but you won’t find many that touch on queerness and feminism in the sport. . . . [Freeman's] storytelling, along with her friend Hazel Meyer’s illustrations, chronicles Freeman’s lifelong relationship with running and illuminates the 'unexpected moments of connection and joy that we runners feel when we cover some distance together.'" — Becky Wade, Runners World