Meet & Greet with Mercury Stardust

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We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting the Trans Handymam herself, Mercury Stardust, as part of her Safe & Sound Book Tour. Our event with Mercury is a Meet & Greet style event where people will have an opportunity to meet Mercury, have her sign your book, and get a photo with her if you would like.

If you plan to attend, please book a ticket on eventbrite (linked above) to allow us to properly plan a successful event for everyone. 

We also strongly encourage people to pre-order Safe & Sound for the signing, especially if you will be buying multiple copies to give as gifts. We will have some additional copies available on the day of the event, but we cannot guarantee enough for everyone who does not pre-order. 

We will be using a numbering system to determine the order of the signing line. When you arrive on the day of the event, you will be assigned a number for your place in the signing line. We will then call small groups (5 numbers at a time) to physically line up for the signing. If you miss your slot, you will be able to get a new number at the back of the line time permitting. 

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page or by phone. 


Due the large expected attendance, we will be hosting this event at As You Are (500 8th St. SE), just a block down the street from Little District Books. For the event, As You Are's coffee and bar service will be open, but the restaurant kitchen will be closed. As You Are's first floor is fully ADA accessible, including entrances and restrooms. 


For too many people, the simple act of contacting a plumber or repair person can feel like a game of chance. As a transwoman and a professional maintenance technician, Mercury Stardust has discovered (the hard way) that we live in a world with much to fear. If you've ever felt panicked about opening your home to strangers in order to fix a maintenance issue, this book is for you. 

Renting a home can be a complex process--from finding a safe and affordable space, to hiring help for moving in and out, and of course, managing any repairs that come up during your stay.

You deserve to feel empowered to take matters into your own hands--and it's not as hard as you might think. In this book, Mercury will show you how to tackle the projects that need improvement in your home--from how to properly fix a clog in your bathroom sink and safely hang things on your walls to patching small and medium drywall holes.

Safe and Sound includes:

  • Guidance for over 50 simple home maintenance projects, such as replacing your showerhead and troubleshooting a faulty garbage disposal.
  • Chapters covering basic and handy repairs for your plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and safety needs.
  • Advice tailored to renters to minimize permanent changes.
  • Helpful illustrations and QR code links to videos to help you on your journey.

Remember--a little bit of knowledge can go a long way toward making you feel more safe and in control of your own life.