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A Little Luck: A Sapphic Cozy Fantasy (Arrowmount Books #2)

A Little Luck: A Sapphic Cozy Fantasy (Arrowmount Books #2)

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By JA Collignon

East-ward I lived, near the waves glimmerin' gold, Singing for my people, the stories and tales of old....

After the biggest job of her life goes sideways, magical artifact thief Lottie Luck is out of, well, luck. With no job on the horizon and only the clothes on her back, she makes a snap decision to head to Arrowmount, where her estranged sister lives, to regroup and figure out where she's going next.

Kirandir Dulra, a favored Arrowmount town bard, is happy enough with the way her life is. By day, she's a dishwasher for the local bar, and by night she performs for the regular townsfolk who frequent the Old'n Narrow. The routine works, but she dreams of more: a life in arcane lights with crowds calling her name.

However, everything is turned upside down when these two strangers get thrown together to organize the entertainment for an upcoming festival as emergency replacements one month out.

As the two try and find a rhythm together, Lottie unearths truths about herself and Kir's dream starts to become more realistic. In a story full of chilly autumnal nights and the golden glow of lantern light, these two women might just find more in each other than they bargained for.


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