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A Pale Light in the Black

A Pale Light in the Black

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By: K.B. Wagers

For the past year, their close loss in the annual Boarding Games has haunted the NeoG Interceptor team Zuma’s Ghost. But their chances of winning this year take a hit when their best swordsman is transferred. 

The last thing Lieutenant Maxine Carmichael wants is to cause trouble at her new command on Jupiter Station. Trying to carve a place in the world on her own—away from the pressure and influence of her powerful family—Max must overcome her self-doubt and win her new team’s trust if she’s going to succeed. Failing is not an option—and it would only prove her parents right.

Max and her new team must learn to work together quickly because it’s not all about the Boarding Games. A routine mission to retrieve a missing ship has suddenly turned dangerous, and now their lives are on the line. A mysterious opponent has begun targeting members of Zuma’s Ghost . . . and will decimate thousands of innocent lives unless Max and the team can neutralize the threat.

Rescue those in danger, defeat the bad guys, win the Games. It’s all in a day’s work at the NeoG.

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