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A Plane and Simple Connection (The Ryan D. Ryder #1)

A Plane and Simple Connection (The Ryan D. Ryder #1)

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By Eskay Kabba

Ryan D. Ryder meets Mr. Deep Strokez

Rion Matthews is an up-and-coming indie author under the pen name Ryan D. Ryder, named for his favorite sexual position. For research on his newest steamy story, Rion gets on a plane for the first time in his life.

Across the aisle is Nicholas Highton, a rich playboy who runs a magazine called Deep Strokez, focusing on sex news, stories, and gossip.

During the seven-hour redeye to Heathrow, they instantly connect while sharing life stories, deepest fears, and airplane snacks. When Nick invites Rion to stay with him at his hotel, their new friendship quickly blossoms into a steamy, erotic affair.

Rion and Nick explore London-and each other's bodies-for one summer month until the reality of family issues and their very different social standing and economic class pulls them apart. Both have to decide: Is their magnetic connection worth fighting for?

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