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A Woman's Battles and Transformations

A Woman's Battles and Transformations

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By Édouard Louis, Tash Aw (Translated by)

Édouard Louis’s bracing and honest memoir of his mother’s liberation.

One day, Édouard Louis finds a photograph of his mother from twenty years ago. A picture of a happy young woman full of hopes and dreams. Growing up, Édouard knew only his mother’s sadness, as she found herself trapped in the humdrum life of a housewife, and her struggles against the dominant world of men. What happened in those years since the photo was taken?

Then, at the age of forty-five, his mother frees herself from this oppression. She leaves her husband and her old life behind to start anew in Paris.

A Woman’s Battles and Transformations is Édouard Louis’s most tender book yet. It reckons with the cruel systems that govern our lives, with politics and power—and with the possibility of escape. It is an exquisite and loving portrait of a mother, and an honoring of her self-discovery and liberation as she chooses to live on her own terms.


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