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Almond, Quartz, and Finch

Almond, Quartz, and Finch

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By Lisa Bunker

The Nezel are refugee servants, toiling in a desert land where their culture is barely tolerated. Two friends, prowling through secret tunnels, uncover a villainous plot that places the Nezel in jeopardy. Almond and Quartz hatch a desperate plan to aid Finch, rightful heir to the throne. Even with the help of unexpected allies, their heroic efforts may not be enough-and the Time of Naming cannot be delayed. All adolescents must choose a gender and a new name for adulthood but Almond, intensely private, struggles to make this choice. Almond, Quartz, and Finch strive to claim their true selves and protect their people in perilous times.

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