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Amelia Aierwood - Basic Witch

Amelia Aierwood - Basic Witch

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Inspired by Emily Hampshire's real life and friends.


Read Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch and root for her as she finds her own magic."


-Amy Poehler (Actress, Producer, Writer)


From the weirdo mind of actor, writer, and producer Emily Hampshire (SCHITT'S CREEK, CHAPELWAITE, 12 MONKEYS), AMELIA AIERWOOD: Basic Witch follows the least-favorite daughter of L.A.'s most famous family of witches, the Aierwoods. Amelia's sisters have all followed in the footsteps of their prominent parents but everything Amelia does is just a little... off-brand. A late bloomer who has yet to find her calling, Amelia uses her powers for mostly mundane problems but even those lead to magical misfires. As her family's fame continues to rise, they have no choice but to exclude their bumbling black-sheep daughter from the next great chapter of the Aierwoods - reality TV! With the help of her adopted brother Spaghetti - who she accidentally turned into a yeti... long story - Amelia must carve her own path outside of her family's influence.


"Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch is not only the wittiest, but the most brightly colored analysis of celebrity culture I have ever read. Amelia is an endearing and resourceful heroine, and I found the fart scene particularly pungent. Brava, Emily Hampshire!"


-Alison Bechdel (Author, Fun home)


"Basic Witch is a deliriously fun tale filled with chaotic and surprising characters. Emily Hampshire has cast quite a spell with this wacky and warm, passionately bent tale about music, belonging, sandwitches, and the unforgettable world of Amelia Aierwood-an endlessly entertaining young witch with a touch of sadness in her eyes. Bravo Emily!"


-Cameron Crowe (Writer-Director)


"The 'Basic Witch' at the center of Emily Hampshire's debut graphic novel is anything but basic. The misfit of her famous family, I couldn't help but think that Schitt's Creek's Stevie Budd and Amelia share some DNA: both characters go on a journey to discover that everything they thought was their problem... is actually their superpower.


The story is told with equal parts heart and humor and is ultimately deeply affecting because it's about us. All of us who've ever felt like we didn't fit in and needed to change ourselves to measure up. Amelia Aierwood: Basic Witch shows us that being your authentic self is the most powerful magic of all."


-Jim Kwik (New York Times Best-Selling Author, Limitless)


"Smart, anxious, and hilariously relatable, Amelia Aierwood and her misadventures are a fun blast of heartfelt magic for every kid (or adult) who has ever felt like they didn't belong."


-Jonathan Gropper (New York Times Best-Selling Author, This Is Where I Leave You)


"Sabrina-meets-The Kardashians in Emily Hampshire's triumphant foray into comics. A wonderfully subversive take on the witch genre-and a masterclass in world building -the story of Amelia and the instantly iconic Aierwood clan carries the same message of love and inclusivity that made Schitt's Creek one of the most groundbreaking comedies of the 21st century.


Honestly, I can't remember life before Spaghetti the Yeti--and I don't want to."


-Sam Damshenas (Entertainment Editor, Gay Times)


"Infectious, funny, and heartwarming, Basic Witch offers a fresh take on family dynamics, magic, and the universal pursuit of figuring yourself out.


We volunteer to be honorary members of the Aierwood Family. Adopt us, Amelia!"


-Tegan and Sara (Musicians)
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