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An Epic Construct

An Epic Construct

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By Dawn Cutler-Tran

Is a LGBTQ+ friendly dating app the answer to all of Penelope's dating woes? Her ex-girlfriend turned asexual best friend and roommate sure thinks so.

Penelope matches with the mysterious, yet charming Riley, who identifies as queer, but is slow to open up about his sexuality... and everything else.

As she explores dating again, she gets the opportunity to MC a drag brunch, in full drag king regalia. For a long time, Penelope has suspected she might be nonbinary, but that feels like something she'll sort out on her own eventually... right?

The drag brunch is a smashing success, and she meets a beautiful woman in the audience named Taylor. They begin forming a deep connection in their queerness and Taylor supports her as she finally explores her gender identity.

Penelope notices similarities between Riley and Taylor, in the way they think, the way they talk, and most importantly in the way they make her feel. What if the two people she's falling for are more than just amazing, what if they're her soul mate?

Follow Penelope's journey as she navigates the ups and downs of dating, self-discovery, and the search for love and acceptance in a hilariously complicated and ultimately satisfying, queer love story.

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