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By Toni Duarte

Plagued by anxiety, medic-in-training Georgie Wicks is teetering on the brink of emotional collapse. When her settlement's trade groups, including her father, vanish under mysterious circumstances, the future of her home hangs in the balance. Now, she must risk everything and venture beyond the walls into a dangerous, mutated version of a world she once knew.

Adam Kulyk is a quick-witted survivor with a lethal knack for sniping. His fierce determination to protect Oliver, the last bastion of peace in his life, fuels his relentless survival instinct. But beneath his cheerful facade, Adam grapples with addiction and past trauma that threaten to consume him entirely.

When their paths collide, Georgie discovers the deadly fungus that decimated humanity is not the only danger lurking in the shadows.

With not only her home but the entire city on the line, the stakes are higher than she could've ever imagined.

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