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By Jenn Alexander

Jenn Alexander introduces readers to a different kind of romance—think Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a coffee shop with lesbians, vampires, and a wide selection of coffinated beverages.

Still reeling from the unexpected loss of her parents, Edie McLean doesn’t have time to grieve. She’s the 4th-generation owner of the McLean Family Coffee Shop, her family’s legacy. Unfortunately, this legacy is littered with decades worth of bad business, regrettable purchases, and massive debt. The McLean family motto was always that “good coffee is in our blood,” but the shop has become an eyesore and its small, loyal customer base isn’t enough to keep it afloat—and if Edie doesn’t find a way to turn business around quickly, the family’s legacy will end with her.

As Edie tries to pull all the pieces of her life together, she finds herself drawn to an alluring night-shift nurse who stops by for coffee every evening after sunset, while contending with a quirky new roommate who sleeps in an honest-to-God coffin. When all three worlds collide spectacularly, Edie’s eyes are opened to a new and untapped market that just may be the key to saving her family’s coffee shop. However, when her Draculattes and Cold Blood Cold Brews begin to raise more alarm than sales, suddenly the stakes involved appear to be of the wooden variety.

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