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Booked for Murder and Hostage to Murder (Lindsay Gordon Mysteries #5 and #6 )

Booked for Murder and Hostage to Murder (Lindsay Gordon Mysteries #5 and #6 )

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by Val McDermid

The Lindsay Gordon novels are the series that set internationally bestselling writer Val McDermid on the path to becoming the world-class crime writer she is today, collected into three volumes and now available as Grove Press paperbacks for the first time. In Report for Murder, we meet self-proclaimed "cynical socialist lesbian feminist journalist" Lindsay Gordon--McDermid's pioneering character--as she investigates the vicious murder of the headliner at a fundraising gala who is found garroted with her own cello strings.

These books take Lindsay from a murder at a women's protest for which Lindsay's former lover is the chief suspect; to the death of a union boss for which Lindsay must prove her innocence; with stops along the way in the buzzy journalism world and the seething rivalries of London publishing; and all the way to St. Petersburg to retrieve the kidnapped son of a local car dealer. Longtime fans will be delighted to see the Lindsay Gordon series back in print, and for readers who have never encountered McDermid before, these books are a thrilling introduction to "Britain's Queen of Crime"

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