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Bubblegum Daydreams: Inaudible Songs For Sad Gays

Bubblegum Daydreams: Inaudible Songs For Sad Gays

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By K W Hether-Patterson

Bubblegum Daydreams is a pop music project from another timeline. Somewhere in the vastness of the multiverse, another version of the author is the world's greatest pop-star; crooning about love, sex, art, fame, and pain.

This lyrical and melodic book is a tour through summery romanticism and a deep well of sadness. Why? Because every musicial icon has had their fair share of flickering romance and endless pain. This is my story...

"Some of us will laugh

Some of us will cry

But we can choose to dance

'Til the day we die"


This collection of poetry is both deeply sad yet ultimately hopeful. That's life in a nutshell, isn't it?

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