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Carmilla (Arc Classics)

Carmilla (Arc Classics)

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By Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

First published in 1872, Carmilla is a classic gothic novella and one of the earliest examples of vampire fiction.

Fast-paced and gripping, the story follows the protagonist Laura, who lives in a secluded castle in the woods with her father. One day, a carriage accident brings a young woman named Carmilla into their lives, and she is taken in as a guest. As time goes on, Laura becomes increasingly drawn to Carmilla, despite her strange behavior and the eerie occurrences happening in the castle. As their relationship deepens, Laura begins to suspect that Carmilla may not be who she seems, and that her presence may be linked to a series of mysterious deaths in the surrounding area.

Carmilla has had a significant influence on the image of the vampire in popular culture, especially in its depiction of same-sex desire.

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