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Catch and Kill

Catch and Kill

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By Eden Francis Compton, Melissa B. Robinson

A thriller set in the world of Hollywood’s elite players.  Angie has retreated from the world because of debilitating depression and anxiety, but when her beloved movie star sister suddenly commits suicide, she travels to Hollywood to find answers, discovers an inner strength she didn’t know she had, and takes on a powerful sexual predator.

In Hollywood, deadly secrets lurk just behind the scenes.

Scarlett Norris is Hollywood’s darling, an award-winning actress on her way to the top. To her younger sister, Angie, she is all that and more—beautiful, loving, fearless, and a guiding light—things Angie believes she herself could never be. When Scarlett suddenly commits suicide, Angie is devastated, but something keeps nagging at her. Scarlett would never do such a thing. Would she?

In a move that stuns her family, timid, anxious Angie summons the courage to leave her sheltered New York life to follow Scarlett’s path to Hollywood. She gains access to the gilded world of film stars, movie moguls, and powerful producers, and discovers a new sense of self. She also discovers that beneath Hollywood’s dazzle and glamour lie some dark and ugly truths. Angie slowly starts piecing together what really happened to Scarlett. Can she expose the corruption of Hollywood and live to tell? 

Suspense-filled and gripping from beginning to end, Catch and Kill is about staring down monsters—even those that have the power to destroy you.

"Heartbreaking search for truth and justice." - Advanced Review

Fans of The Assistant and Casablanca will love this thrilling book. 

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