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Cicadas Sing of Summer Graves

Cicadas Sing of Summer Graves

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By Quinn Connor

For fans of The Lost Apothecary and Swamplandia! comes a breathtaking story of magical realism about an old Southern town lost beneath the waves

One hundred years ago, yellow fever gripped the small lakeside town of Prosper, Arkansas. At the height of that summer swelter, in the midst of an unexpected storm, the dam broke and the valley flooded—drowning the town and everyone trapped inside.

It wasn’t an accident.

Now three young women find themselves drawn to and repelled by the land that still bears the scars of so much death. Cassie: terrified to go near the water ever since she witnessed an impossible drowning. Lark: returning to her childhood home to clean out her father’s houseboat after his breakdown...only to find herself spiraling down the same dark path. June: caught between longing for a fresh start and bearing witness to the ghosts of the past.

Three very different women, each drawn to the water for reasons she can’t yet understand over one sweltering Arkansas summer; as the Fourth of July approaches and something magical and sinister hangs heavy in the air, their paths grow increasingly intertwined. Forced to right old wrongs, touch forbidden love, and uncover buried secrets, each woman must contend with her home’s complex legacy…and with the ruins of the town lurking far beneath the watchful water.

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