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Dear Sylvia, Love Jane (Detective Molly Malone #1)

Dear Sylvia, Love Jane (Detective Molly Malone #1)

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By Erin Hall

Join Detective Molly Malone in her first queer noir adventure!

It's 1943, San Francisco. And Molly Malone has secrets.

Between pretending to be the secretary of her own detective agency and late-night visits to her favorite gay club Whiskers (where a secret knock grants entry), Molly's life is lived in the shadows.

But when distraught housewife Sylvia seeks help from a detective, Molly's professional and personal life begin to merge.

When an up-and-coming politician reveals his plan to shutter gay clubs like Whiskers, Molly is concerned. Then when bodies start appearing, Molly needs to act fast to save her friends and loved ones-old and new-from being the next victims.

Because Molly isn't the only one with a secret.

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