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Eight Weeks in Paris

Eight Weeks in Paris

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By S.R. Lane

Nicholas Madden is one of the best actors of his generation, but he suffers no fools, detests paparazzi, and most of all, loathes inquisitive questions about his sexuality. If his personal life is a shambles, he’ll always have his art—and The Throne is going to be his legacy. 

Then his costar walks off the runway and into rehearsal. Chris Lavalle is out, gorgeous, and totally green. Nicholas’s performance depends on his chemistry with his costar, and the role of his career is about to be sunk by a total amateur.

Chris has thousands of Instagram followers, a string of gorgeous exes, and more ad campaigns to his name than he can count. But he’s more than just a pretty face, and The Throne is his chance to make something of himself. If only his costar wasn’t a belligerent jerk with a chip on his shoulder and a face carved by the gods.

It turns out chemistry isn’t a problem. Eight weeks of filming bring Chris and Nicholas closer than they thought possible, but as The Throne moves to its conclusion, they’ll have to decide the ending of another love story: their own.

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