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By Devin Greenlee

Nature buries secrets—at least until they grow in this m/m coming of age fairy tale retelling from debut author Devin Greenlee.

Quill is the most useless dryad in history. He can’t make plants grow. His hair won’t even mature from green to golden and he has a ton of allergies. So naturally, his mother makes sure he stays inside. Away from mortals, tending to his family’s magical, massive garden inside the closet. But then a dangerous plant goes missing the same night Quill meets his first mortal: his new neighbor.

Adam, an insufferably cheery, extroverted jock, is suspicious from the start. They share a fire escape and Quill often leaves his window open, so he’s the prime suspect. If Quill doesn’t figure out what happened to the plant before his mother notices, he can kiss any ounce of freedom he had goodbye. So he has to stay close to Adam. Meaning: also leave the apartment. Once they grow closer, though, strange things start happening in the garden: dying fruit, flowers dissolving into dust…

Beneath all the shy kisses under moonlight lays a dark secret…and if Quill doesn’t figure it out in time, he may not only lose the garden forever—but everyone he loves.

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