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Eye of a Little God

Eye of a Little God

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By A.J. Steiger

A twisted, creepy fever dream of a novel, Eye of a Little God is a surreal horror story that explores loneliness, trauma, and demons both inside and out.

"A story for fans of modern (and frightening) fairy tales" - Library Journal

After losing his delivery job - the last thing binding him to an empty life - Eddie Luther, veteran and drifter, drives into the woods with a bottle of sleeping pills. But instead of eternal silence, Eddie hears a whisper inside his damaged ear.

Help me.

He follows the call and finds a cryptic journal filled with loneliness and longing, a journal whose words seem written for him alone. Guided by the clues in its pages, he embarks on a journey into a shadowy world beneath the small town of Devil's Fork, Nebraska - a world where televisions whisper prophecies and a malevolent being known as The Painted Man lurks. . .

Or maybe Eddie's sanity is slipping. All he knows for sure is that he's falling in love with someone he's never seen, someone who may be more than human - and who will change everything he thinks he knows about the world and his place in it.

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