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Frances Reed Event

Frances Reed Event

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Join us for a conversation with Frances Reed, author of Healthy Chest Binding for Trans and Non-Binary People, and learn from a specialist in trauma-informed bodywork for those in social and medical transition. 

Monday May 6 @ 7:00pm
Little District Books
737 8th St SE
Washington, DC 20003

Frances Reed, LMT, aka The Binding Coach, is a licensed massage therapist, coach, trainer, and author in Silver Spring, MD. They specialize in trauma-informed and fat-positive bodywork for gender-expansive clients.  

As a coach they can support people in other locations to people online in getting started binding healthily and addressing pain if it occurs. They train professionals and gender-affirming care in health and wellness industries. 

They run a free binding health resource site called and Healthy Chest Binding for Trans and Non-Binary People: A Practical Guide is their first book. 

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