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Hares in the Hedgerow

Hares in the Hedgerow

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By Jessica McHugh

She wakes up in a 1973 Volkswagen Kombi, naked and afraid...

An aspiring singer/songwriter, Sophie Francis is searching for inspiration, pining for connection, and desperate to know why she feels so different from everyone else. Maybe it's the ghosts whispering in the apartment above her, or the chilling thoughts writhing in her mind when the ghosts are quiet. Maybe she's a reincarnated saint abducted as an infant and raised by a former serial killer.

Or maybe she's just sixteen.

Upon meeting an intoxicating musician named Liam LaSalle and an enigmatic community of misfits known as the Choir of the Lamb, Sophie scampers down a rabbit hole of music, martyrs, and madness. There, she discovers her link to a dangerous legacy and a fiery little girl named Avery Norton.

From 2x Bram Stoker & Elgin Award nominee, Jessica McHugh, Hares in the Hedgerow leads Sophie Francis on a disturbing and transformative journey to expose and harness the darkness in the roots of her family tree.

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