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Have Me Forever

Have Me Forever

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By Ally Blythe

How does one find himself in a complicated situation with his ex-girlfriend's father? Well, turn to him for comfort when she stomps on your heart-sneak in a little kiss- wait. That wasn't supposed to happen.

Elias Ruiz plays life safe, which means never rocking the boat with his overbearing parents. Enter Noah Baker, famed author, English Professor, and his girlfriend's father. He's friendly, caring, and always knows how to put people at ease. But Eli's parents hate Noah, which means he should avoid him at all costs. Eli tries, but soon the Baker house feels like home. It probably doesn't help that Eli is a huge "Bakehead," a diehard fan with a crush... on Noah's written word? But what starts as innocent admiration quickly turns to passionate, reckless fun.

Despite the risk, they keep falling into each other's bed. It's a terrible idea. The complications are endless and he's questioning everything he thought he knew about himself. When feelings get involved, he has to decide if he's going to deny a part of who he is, or give in to the secret he's hidden for so long. But what option does Eli have if he wants Noah forever?

Have Me Forever is a bi-awakening MM, ex-girlfriends father, age gap romance with searing heat, no cheating by the MC's, and a HEA.

This book may be triggering for those with negative coming out experiences. Derogatory language is used against the LGBTQIA+ community by side characters. And, manipulation and negative role expectations set forth by family members are prominent throughout.

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