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Hex Magic

Hex Magic

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By Andrew Forrest Baker

Darragh Cullen was not expecting to find love. He wasn't expecting to reveal true witchcraft to the entire world either, but here he is: flying over the moon for Cernun Murphy and under scrutiny from the Moral Authority of Witches.

Being the Guy Who Exposed Magic does have its advantages though. His shop, HEX, is busier than it's ever been; and life in his little corner of Atlanta is hot and sweaty--plus there's that southern, summer heat.

But when magical artifact begin to go missing, Learco Clarke, the sexy new head of the southeastern division of the MAW, sets his sights on Darragh.

Darragh doesn't know if he can prove his innocence in time to save himself from being flamed at the stake. But, by the Fae, he's going to try.

Hex Magic is the first book in the HEX'D Series.

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