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How to Get a Date with the Evil Queen

How to Get a Date with the Evil Queen

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By: Marie Cardno

Sian's world thinks she's dead. Trillin's dimension wants to make sure of it. And the place they escaped to together just threw a dragon at them.

All Sian wanted was a quiet moment to make out with her new girlfriend. Instead, she and the adorably monstrous Trillin find themselves trapped by a world whose fairytale magic has very strict ideas about who gets a happily-ever-after. Princesses exist to be rescued. Heroes do the rescuing. And monsters?

Monsters get killed.

In a world where happy-ever-after has teeth, Sian and Trillin are going to learn to bite back.

How to Get a Date with the Evil Queen is a paranormal romcom featuring ridiculous gender and genre roles, big swords and a woman who doesn't know how to use them, and shapeshifting true love winning against all odds.

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