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I Love You, I Hate You, I Miss You

I Love You, I Hate You, I Miss You

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by L.A. Michaels

Noah Peters is a driven seventeen-year-old with goals after high school to be a professional writer. He wants to avoid getting stuck in his hometown of nowhere Kansas. The West Coast has been calling his name for as long as he can remember. The people in his town do not accomplish much after graduation aside from marriage and children. Things he would eventually like but know he will not easily come by in Kansas. He is openly gay after all.

Timothy Powell is the new boy in town. He is basketball player tall but rather scrawny in weight. His ultimate goal is to be a lawyer. His brown curly hair makes Noah do a double-take. It is Noah's responsibility to show Timothy around the school and the two boys end up hitting it off right away. Timothy is from Connecticut though and carries several secrets with him. Is this true love or just a high school romance?

Only time will tell for these two boys.

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