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Keepers of the Stones and Stars

Keepers of the Stones and Stars

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By: Michael Barakiva

A witty and lighthearted contemporary fantasy about five teens who are entrusted with mystical gems of power in order to save the world.

Reed is finally ready to tell his crush how he feels. But the night before he takes the plunge, he stumbles on a ruby that calls to him. Now he's sensing other people's feelings and making lights flash.

Because Reed is a Keeper. And there are four others like him whose stones will call to them and awaken their powers. Because there’s a portal coming at the time of a comet’s zenith that will unleash overwhelming, destructive magic on the earth. It’s up to Reed and his friends to close the portal before it’s too late, fulfilling their roles in a cycle that dates back to the seventeenth century Mughal Indian court.

This original YA adventure combines the modern voice of Rainbow Rowell's Carry On series and the complex magic of The Magicians, with a queer, multiracial cast.

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