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Lesser Gods and Demons

Lesser Gods and Demons

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By Andrew Forrest Baker

Fifteen years.

That's how much of his life Daniel must dedicate to Forward Colony 47⏤a self-contained ecosystem built 10 miles above the surface of Atlanta. But if that's what it takes to ensure his husband Paul and daughter Samantha are safe from the climate catastrophe FC47 and others like it were designed to combat, so be it. When his feet touch ground again in 2071, the toil and the sacrifice will all be worth it. Afterall, what's fifteen years in the span of human existence?

As year eight inside the Colony draws to a close, Daniel meets a young woman calling herself Adrasteia after the Ancient Greek Goddess of Rebellion who warns him that life inside the Colony is not as it seems, that fifteen years is actually a life sentence, and that he will never see his family again.

Daniel is faced with a choice: see through in his mission to make life better for his family or join Adrasteia's insurgency of gods to fight the wrongs of the heavens and return to the land⏤if there's any land left to return to.

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