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Like They Do in the Movies

Like They Do in the Movies

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By Nan Campbell

Celebrity gossip writer Fran Underhill becomes Chelsea Cartwright’s personal assistant with the aim of taking the popular actress down, but neither of them anticipates the clash of their attraction.

The Dream: rich and famous screenwriter of hilarious sapphic rom coms.
The Reality: pushing out trashy celebrity gossip for cash.
The Grand Plan: advance career by engineering a celebrity takedown.

Fran Underhill’s adoration for the entertainment industry is in flames, transformed into a loathing of celebrity culture and all those who benefit from it. When a personal assistant gig for one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses falls into her lap, Fran is determined to use the experience to her advantage with a series of tell-all articles. Just enough clickbait to get her next screenplay sold. Now if only she can ignore that ferocious and inconvenient attraction to her new employer.

Chelsea Cartwright—actress, mother, and ex-wife to Hollywood royalty—is struggling. A competent new assistant will do much to ease her burdens, but who could predict the intense and long-buried feelings Fran would awaken. And what will the fallout be when she finds out Fran is a member of the gossip media—with Chelsea’s public destruction in her sights.

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