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Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters

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By: Max Walker

Noah Barnes

A trip to the grocery store changed my life. That's where I bumped into my 'straight' co-worker and good friend, Jake Perez. I decided to invite him to my book club night, not realizing the chain of events that invite would kick off. Immediately our chemistry becomes too explosive to contain, making our friendship and work relationship complicated. That same night my neighbor accidentally receives a bloody threat that was addressed to me. Falling for Jake was never in the plans-then again neither was being targeted by a dangerous stalker. This was going to be interesting.

Jake Perez

We were supposed to stay just friends-but how was that going to happen when all I wanted to do was kiss the guy? Joining his book club sounded like a perfect way to spend more time with him. I wasn't counting on liking him more and more with every passing second. Then come the targeted threats, throwing a wrench in our budding 'friendship'. One thing was certain, though. Well, maybe two. I was going to help Noah figure out who was behind making his life a living hell and I was going to do it while staying as just friends. Friends who liked to hold hands and kiss and... Yeah. This was going to be harder than I thought.

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