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Love Me At My Worst

Love Me At My Worst

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By Adrian J Smith

Three... Two... One... BOO!

Isla Walsh is a prankster, and her favorite person to pull one over on has to be her principal, Andry Murphey. But Isla isn't all fun and games, and her sixth grade students will attest to that. Behind every prank Isla plays hides a secret she hasn't shared since she moved to Cheyenne. She's not the happy person she seems to be. In fact, she's pretty certain everyone will leave her.

Andry Murphey moved to Cheyenne because of a woman, and two years after her marriage ended, she hasn't found who she is other than a principal. For two years all she could handle was the basics of life, until her favorite teacher ups the ante on the pranks. In each trick, she finds joy again, and Andry wonders what it would be like if she could fall in love again.

Follow two broken hearts in this sensual age gap romance as Isla and Andry rediscover themselves and what it means to love others through their worst.

Let the prank wars commence!

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