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Love Out Loud

Love Out Loud

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By: Terrell and Jarius Joseph

Terrell and Jarius' are a beautiful couple you see online every day. They met during their freshman year of college at a haunted house, and soon realized they could not live without each other. Soon, the couple became famous for sharing their love story via social media and now, they live and work together as content creators, activists, and social media stars. Before these gorgeous people became highly sought-after brand ambassadors, they kept their whole relationship a secret. Now as major Influencers in the LGBTQ+ space, they are writing a book to show all the major obstacles that have allowed them to achieve their dream life today. Through prejudice, marriage, disappointments, loss, secrecy, parenthood, and adversity, the couple shows that despite what you think, love is what makes all their dreams come true.

Love Out Loud shares the couple's love through their private moments of embracing who they are as individuals, as a couple, and as a family unit, and truly how beautiful those moments can be. Love Out Loud is about love, relationships, and surviving through storms together no matter what is thrown at you. The two men share the life they have dreamed about and how they achieved it despite societal pressures around them. Through personal anecdotes, the two offer the powerful lessons that they only could have learned on their distinct as gay, black men, they have tremendous empathy that comes across on screen that translates to nuclear and alternative families alike.

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