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Mala & the Mask of Gold

Mala & the Mask of Gold

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By: Jaime Martin Ko Atilano

Deep down, Mala always knew they were different from the other children of Zambo. But it is not until they are visited by Sidapa, the Deity of Death, that they learn why.

Siblings Mala and Salem have more potential than meets the eye. As Mala finds themselves a part of an ancient prophecy, Salem must decide if he should follow his dream of becoming a defender of Zambo. They travel together to Isla Sirena where they find that mythical beasts have come to life! Mala learns that they must find the Mask of Gold before the dragon-like Bakunawa devours the moon by the next Lunar Eclipse and leaves the entire world in total destruction.

Mala & the Mask of Gold is a character-driven, coming-of-age novel that explores siblinghood, identity, and Filipinx mythology. This book will transport you to a magical realm where mythical creatures are real and danger lurks around every corner.

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