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Mother of God

Mother of God

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By Caitlin Elizabeth

AT THIRTY-THREE YEARS OLD, Ellie couldn't be more different from her family. She wants to eat the rich, constantly quotes Gloria Steinem, and has struggled with a multitude of mental health issues for as long as she can remember. Having been labeled a "problem" her whole life, she finds herself facing her biggest problem yet: becoming a mother, surrounded by a chaos of her own creation.

During an ayahuasca experience gone wrong, Ellie envisions herself as a mother with a baby named after her favorite feminist icon. However, when the drugs fade and she's still convinced her "baby Gloria" is real, this split from reality lands her in the psych ward.

Upon her release, she quickly finds herself pregnant, for real this time. She waits until Christmas Eve to share this news with her ultra-conservative family, and accidentally claims to be pregnant with the Second Coming, causing all hell to break loose.

A hilarious, radical holiday story, Mother of God will immerse readers in Ellie's eccentric yet loving world from the very first page.

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