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Out of Blue Comes Green

Out of Blue Comes Green

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By M.E. Corey

This heart-wrenching yet hopeful coming-of-age novel follows a trans boy finding himself and first love in a small midwestern town.

In M.E. Corey's Out of Blue Comes Green, Kay, a trans boy, wants what every other teenage boy wants—a girlfriend and a successful rock band—but when a new girl assumes he is cis and asks him out, he accepts without correcting her.

In between dates and classroom flirting, Kay discovers more of who he is and who he wants to be. From working on his setlist to win the competition to become the prom band to posing as a different male volunteer at the local animal shelter, Kay keeps finding ways to be seen and make space for himself in his small town. And as his confidence grows, he works up the courage and support to confront his bullies and his unsupportive mother.

But it's going to be harder than he thought to play the show, get the girl, and keep everyone from telling her what Kay is short for.

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