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Out to Lead: Shaping Queer Leadership

Out to Lead: Shaping Queer Leadership

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By: Jonathan Dromgoole

"Leaders are emerging within the LGBTQ+ community at an unprecedented rate. Not because we are some sort of a novelty making our first appearance onto the scene, but because we are finally harnessing the power of our resilience."

We're CEOs, actors, policymakers, media influencers, and even candidates for President of the United States. LGBTQ+ people have always existed and played an influential role in society, yet our stories have often been told for us, not by us. Now it's time for us to reclaim our stories. Out to Lead: Shaping Queer Leadership explores:

  • History of Queer Leadership not featured, but critical, in today's history books
  • Leadership development and stories from within the LGBTQ+ community
  • The power of harnessing lived experiences to become resilient leaders.

"Everyone can develop resilience and leadership skills, this isn't something reserved for the LGBTQ+ community. What is different, is the speed with which these are galvanized into our being and when, in our development, the skills of resilience and leadership become a permanent part of our conscious toolkit."

Out to Lead: Shaping Queer Leadership normalizes queer leadership, and will inspire the development of more diverse leaders while highlighting the value of the LGBTQ+ community.

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