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Pucking Wild: A Reverse Age Gap Hockey Romance

Pucking Wild: A Reverse Age Gap Hockey Romance

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By: Emily Rath


Discover the internationally bestselling, off-the-charts sexy, inclusive, poly, kink-friendly, hockey romance that helped make the Jacksonville Rays a Tiktok sensation - now with exclusive, never-before seen material!

Sparks fly when fiery plus-sized corporate lawyer and a hot-shot young hockey star rehabbing an injury are forced to play roommates in a story that proves age is just a number!

In the latest spicy novel in the bestselling TikTok hockey romance series, age is just a number, size doesn’t matter, and love is love is love . . .

My name is Tess Owens and my life is officially on fire. I never thought dancing at my best friend Rachel’s wedding would be the match to ignite the flame. But with one lingering touch, one longing look . . . and one sneaky caterer with a camera phone, my almost ex-husband is ready to torch me, professionally and personally.

So I do what I do best: run. Straight into Rachel’s arms in Florida, where she’s the team doc for the NHL’s Jacksonville Rays. Star forward Ryan Langley is out with an injury and in need of a place to rehab. I get the surprise of my life when he shows up at my door—declaring himself my new roommate.

I came here with six weeks to launch a new business and fight for my freedom. Now I have to fight my mutual attraction to this charming All-American sweetheart too. Did I mention Ryan is ten years younger than I? He doesn’t need my drama. But it’s getting harder to deny the way he makes me feel. Wild. Fun. Free.

I want to believe that our pasts don’t define us forever. But first, I have to face my fears. Because with one innocent dance, it was Ryan who helped me start this fire. What if, together, we’re meant to burn?

Story Locale:Jacksonville, FL. Contemporary

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