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Putting Out: Essays on Otherness

Putting Out: Essays on Otherness

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By: Samantha Mann

Putting Out: Essays on Otherness is a debut collection of essays that showcase, in eloquent prose, the ebb and flow of discovering yourself. Samantha Mann moves deftly between the roles of participant and observer as she illustrates the difficulty of finding love with others and with herself. The essays in Putting Out are a culmination of this journey as readers are welcomed into its stories of adventurous musings and awkward missteps. Mann explores the stigma that accompanies mental health and the struggle of seeking therapy. She examines the changing landscape of friendships and the need to be creative. However, the thread that holds them together is the biggest story Mann needs to tell.

Putting Out's honest portrayal is both humorous and heartbreaking as Samantha Mann grows from thoughtful teenager to an expressive, creative adult. These stories are the product of recognizing one's trauma and being cognizant and grateful for the person we become. As an entire collection, Putting Out: Essays on Otherness contributes to the important conversation on the power of female sexuality and owning one's true identity. Samantha Mann has proven that we can appreciate who we once were in order to celebrate the happy ending of who we are now.

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