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Queer, There, and Everywhere: 2nd Edition : 27 People Who Changed the World

Queer, There, and Everywhere: 2nd Edition : 27 People Who Changed the World

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By Sarah Prager, Illustrated by Zoe More O'Ferrall

Now updated and expanded--with three starred reviews, this groundbreaking LGBTQ history book combines riveting facts with a pop culture vibe to the lives of twenty-SEVEN influential queer figures from the Roman Empire through to the present.

World history has been made by countless lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people—and you’ve never heard of many of them. In this updated and expanded edition of Queer, There, and Everywhere, which received three starred reviews, activist Sarah Prager gives voice to twenty-seven people who invented and radicalized and trailblazed and whose stories didn’t make it into the history books. These astonishing true portraits demonstrate how rich and varied gender and sexuality have always been in every culture, in every millennium, on every continent.

Our subjects include people the reader will recognize but didn’t realize were queer AND queer people readers likely have never heard of but who made huge contributions to world history. From long-ago heroes like the gender ambiguous Queen of Sweden and a transgender soldier who risked death fighting in the Civil War to modern figures like the transgender tennis player who won a court case to play as a woman and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who had a relationship with a woman during her marriage to FDR, this book proves that queer people have not only always existed: They have thrived.

This updated and expanded second edition includes a new foreword, three new profiles, updated terminology and wording, and a refreshed cover!

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