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Queers & Civilization: How Sexual Diversity Enlivens, Enriches. and Elevates Society

Queers & Civilization: How Sexual Diversity Enlivens, Enriches. and Elevates Society

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By Byron Kennard

Publisher Marketing:
"Sexual diversity is part and parcel of nature's unrelenting passion for diversity in all living things. Thus, queerness is not a crime against nature; it is rather a gift from nature. As such, it is something that's normal, useful, and wholly desirable within society." - From the Introduction

Synopsis : QUEERS & CIVILIZATION documents the distinctive and prodigious contributions queer people have made to the progress of civilization. The book cites more than 150 examples of notable historical figures who made signal and constructive contributions to civilization and who happened to be queer.

The examples range from Alexander the Great to Malcolm X - from the fearless, sword-toting Lesbian matriarchies of yore - the Amazons - to the fearless, rock-throwing Black transgendered women - Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson - who instigated the Stonewall Riot in 1969.

These examples run the gamut from queer Islamic poets, to queer Japanese samurai, and to queer Chinese Emperors - in fact, the entire Han dynasty (206 B.C. to 220 A.D.) which constituted China's golden age.

In modern times, the book shows how tiny groups of queers - sexual radicals all - made epic strides in social progress. Examples include the Bloomsbury Group (London, 1907-1930), the Harlem Renaissance (New York City, 1920s-1930s), and the Beat Generation (San Francisco, the late 1950s).

To close, I show how these strides were made by queers who sagely relied on art, not politics; on social movements, not political parties; and on changes in cultural and social values, not on election outcomes. This model of social change - politics by other means - endures and flourishes still. The world can be made safe for diversity!

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