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Sanguine Sincerity: A Supernatural Erotic Romance Thriller

Sanguine Sincerity: A Supernatural Erotic Romance Thriller

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By Eidahs, art by Kemvee

Passion and danger collide when vampires and werewolves unite.

On the brink of death, Liam makes a desperate choice to become a vampire and embrace an existence that forever alters his destiny, all at the hands of his lover, Julian. He has only begun his new life, when treachery sets into motion a dangerous chain of events.

As gang members close in, the lines between predator and prey become blurred. With peril lurking at every turn and werewolves prowling in their midst, the age-old adversaries of vampires, trust becomes a precarious tightrope to navigate.

Thus, the vampires and werewolves must find a way to set aside their differences to save themselves, or they may be forced to face extermination.

Experience the irresistible seduction of vampires and werewolves, as desire and danger entwine and culminate in heart-pounding thrills. Surrender to the Sanguine Sincerity.

Sanguine Sincerity is the first book of an ongoing series of erotic romance books.

Please be advised that this book contains mature sexual subject matter, strong language,


violence, blood, smoking and marijuana.

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