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By Alex de Campi, Cliff Bleszinski, Sandy Jarrell (Illustrated by)

From the minds of games legend Cliff Bleszinski (Fortnite, Gears of War) and bestselling writer Alex de Campi (DRACULA, MOTHERF**KER!, PARASOCIAL) comes an action-packed story meant for anyone who’s ever wanted to pet the dog in a video game (Mom: don’t worry, none of the animals die).

Scrapper is a good dog, adopted by good people. Sure, he spends his nights patrolling his post-apocalyptic metropolis with his buddy Tank, protecting its citizens from the city’s totalitarian overlords, but everyone needs a hobby, right? When a catastrophe sends Scrapper’s world spiraling out of control, he will need to rally the city’s critters -- strays and undesirables -- to save both themselves and the humans all around them.

Collects Scrapper #1-#6.

Select praise for Scrapper:

“The futuristic canine superhero epic you never knew you needed. But you do. You need this.” —Gary Whitta

“Never thought I'd love a hard boiled whodunnit with a talking dog as lead detective but here we are. Scrapper seamlessly blends absurd circumstance with painfully relatable human nature... plus, talking dogs!" —Seth Green

“There's a new dog in town. Let Scrapper and Tank take you on a tour of the mean streets of New Verona. With humor, pathos and flair, they fight crooks, rats, and the agents of SMITE—and learn the truth about Scrapper's origins. Kinetic canine fun you won't want to miss. —D.B. Weiss, co-creator of Game of Thrones

“A badass dog superhero? Yes please!” —Felicia Day

“This is my new favorite comic!” —Karen Gillan

“I love it!” —Don Bluth

“If you love stories about the power of friendship, loyalty, and tenacity, then Cliff Bleszinski and Alex De Campi’s new comic book Scrapper is the comic for you! Scrapper shares the riveting adventures of Scrapper and Tank, the world’s newest crime fighting canine champions as they seek to protect their domed city of New Verona from the evil that is known as SMITE! Beautifully illustrated by Ryan Kelly and Jordie Bellaire, this all-ages story is as kinetic and powerful as it is heartwarming and touching!” —Jim Lee

“In collaboration with the talented Alex De Campi, the comic weaves a gripping narrative that explores themes of police militarization, gentrification, and totalitarian regimes and resonates with readers in an unprecedented way.” —Sector

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