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Shut Up & Love the Rain

Shut Up & Love the Rain

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By: Robert Wildwood

Queer anarchist happiness thru good living

In Shut Up and Love the Rain, Oakland-based zinester Robnoxious takes us along his path from early sexual exploration to his current sex-positive, constantly-deprogramming, über-healthy queerness! Rob's writing and comics show us that experimentation should start early, that guilty pleasures needn't be guilty, and that talking it over and being honest with each other will lead to nothing but good. Over the course of 64 pages you get personal history and sex/queer-related reviews. There's hilarious, illuminating essays, intimate accounts of relationships outside the margins, and a touching, inspiring interview with Rob's parents after his mom came out as transgender. Subheadlined “To Queer Anarchist Happiness Thru Good Living,” Rob's comix and writing zine is just that—happy, living well, queer, anarchist, and damn proud!

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